Installing Procreate Brushes

⭕️ I am going to explain how you can install procreate brushes.
After the checkout, you will receive a link to download your item. 
➡️ Click on the link you received in your mail, and download the file to your ICloud Drive.
(Make sure you do this on your IPad)
➡️ This is a Zip file which means you need to unzip it first.
Tap on the file, and it will unzip by itself.


➡️ The brushes are saved in the "Procreate" Folder. Once you're here fo to "brushes".

➡️ Just tap on the file, and it will be directly imported to procreate.

*These are the main categories of brushes. The full set will appear in Procreate.

➡️ Now go to your brushes in Procreate, and you should be good to go.